As you can probably guess from the name, as dug sand is simply sand as it’s dug up. This means there is no processing or sorting to make sure grains are of a certain size. It’s the quickest and cheapest way to get sand, when that’s all you need.

As dug sand is best used when specialist sand is not called for. It’s perfect to be used as trench fill for drains and ducts. It’s also ideal as Class 1A/B fill material for ground levelling work. As well as this it can be used in damp proof membranes. Because it doesn’t have to be sorted or processed, it means it’s considerably cheaper. Why get anything else when you don’t need the benefits of concrete sand or building sand? As dug sand is also referred to as cohesive sand.

Even though as dug sand is the cheapest type of sand to get hold of, it’s still more expensive to go through a supplier that doesn’t source it directly. The involvement of a second party will always increase the price no matter the type of sand. You’ll pay more, so the supplier can make a profit. With as dug sand, it makes sense to go local. If you choose a national provider, they could get sand from anywhere in the country. This means your delivery will be more expensive and you’ll have to wait longer.

At Esk Quarry we get our sand directly to you. There are no middle men which means we can keep our costs as low as possible. With our base in Faugh near Carlisle, it means we’ll deliver quickly and cheaply around Cumbria, the North East and South West Scotland. You’ll never pay more than you need to for unsorted sand.