Concrete being layed

Concrete is incredibly versatile. It’s the most widely used construction material in the UK. You can use it for a variety of things in your construction project. It can form concrete driveways, concrete columns or poured for house foundations and floors large or small – we supply it by the ton and we deliver.

We as a company have the latest specialist plant and modern mixing trucks providing support to you. Our continual investment in new machinery is a sign you can trust us to deliver.

The term ‘concrete’ doesn’t refer to a single material. It’s a type of material created by mixing cement and various aggregates together with water. Because there’s no fixed way for concrete to be made, it means the recipe can be altered to fit your needs; although many standard types exist. This makes concrete a flexible substance, but can make it confusing to plan what product you need exactly – it pays to have an experienced readymix supplier.

By choosing services from Wannop Limited you’ll take advantage of a building material that is:

  • Virtually fire proof – Can’t be set on fire so it releases no toxic fumes, making your projects safe as houses.

  • Sound insulating – Concrete’s mass and damping qualities make it perfect. Little need for finishing application work means you’ll save.

  • Water resilient – Protect your building against floods. Concrete provides a barrier against water entry & prevents loss of structural integrity.

  • Thermally insulating – Keeps your buildings the right temperature. Absorbs heat during the day & releases at night.

  • Suitable for industrial and residential uses.


Concrete is ideal for building houses. Its water resilience means it will protect your projects from flooding. It’s also virtually fire proof, so your homes will be safer. The mass and special high density sound damping capabilities of concrete also make it ideal for sound insulation. Because concrete responds naturally to changing conditions, it helps stabilise indoor temperature. By releasing heat at night, it lowers your CO2 emissions by reducing the need for heating solutions and increasing eco sustainability.