Fine sand is, as the name suggests, sand that is produced to a finer grain than other sands. Because of the size of its grain, it makes it more easy to mix for mortar. The smoothness of the grain, allows for a ‘creamier’ texture than other sand. So it’s well-suited to binding bricks or blocks together and filling gaps in brickwork. Because of these qualities also makes a perfect plaster and rendering sand selection. Fine sand is another name for building sand.

Fine sand is, typically, extracted from quarries then sold to a second party to supply. So the vast majority of fine sand suppliers, will have already paid someone else to source their sand. This is reflected in the price you pay. Instead of just paying one business for sourcing your sand, you’re paying two. To make sure this is worthwhile, the company acting as middle man has to make sure it turns a profit, so charges you more. Fine sand could be supplied from anywhere in the country. The further away, the more your delivery costs will be and the longer you’ll have to wait for it.

But we do it differently. At Esk Quarry we source all our own sand from our quarry in Faugh near Carlisle. This means there’s no middle man that has to profit, and that we can sell at a competitive price. Given our location, we’ll also help you cut down on delivery costs. Instead of paying a fortune and waiting days for your fine sand to reach you, we’ll keep costs down and get to you quickly.

All of our sand is thoroughly tested to make sure it’s fit for building purposes. This means that you can guarantee the highest quality building materials when you use Esk Quarry.